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hello, I have a question about installing the server files. i installed the hldsserver update tool ran it, the gui window opened requesting the destination etc. after it was installed I went to the hlserver directory and opened the command window in this directory. I entered the following command.
HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game "left4dead" -dir E:
so it begins building the directories and files, there are two things however, it is installing the file " l4d_demo"instead of "left4dead" and when it gets as far as 14.14% it stops downloading and does nothing else. any thoughts?
wait a bit it should continue after a bit Smile
okay nizoo, i,ll wait it hasn,t moved for over an hour still at 14.14% i,ll leave it over night.
It's l4d_demo because l4d final isn't out yet Toungue
Installing a server can take a long while.
Let it sit. If I remember correctly, some of the earlier files are often the largest.
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thanx evryone it finished, now i can start writing the configuration script.
has anyone heard what valves intentions are for the find servers option inside the game.
i don,t like the automatic assignment i,m hoping they'll make it like any other hldm game
okaj and i like left 4 dead
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well if you enable Console you can type connect *ip-address-here*
or even type "openserverbrowser" and it should popup, add the server ip to your favorit and you should be goot to connect..

Note: You have to put this command to let people join from server browser other then just restricted from the lobby into your Server.cfg file which you should make in the CFG folder if you don't have it...

sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0

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