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how to run srcds as a service, easily.

Yes, this is a shameless rip-off, but it works

This guide mostly based off of and guides.

View the unrealadmin original guide here

I *STRONGLY* suggest you use the unreal admin guide, only using this when you're stuck.


Installing SRCDS as a service

Getting started

Ofcourse you first need the two files Instsrv.exe and Srvany.exe these files are included in your Windows Resource Kit.
For anyone who doesn't have a Windows Resource Kit you can download theres file from here..
If you got these two files place them on your harddisk in the C:\Reskit directory, now we can start creating a service which will be configured for running the Source Server.

Create a Service Using Instsrv

Open your Command Prompt from the start menu and navigate to the C:\Reskit directory where you stored the Instsrv.exe and Srvany.exe files,
now type the following line to create a service with the name 'Source server':
Instsrv "Source server" "C:\Reskit\Srvany.exe"

Configure The Service

To configure the service we need to open the Registry Editor to do this go to the Run... option in your start menu and run the 'Regedit' command.

In the Registry Editor go to:
Then select the service name we just created 'Source server' and insert a new key with the name 'Parameters' from the Edit menu.
Now select the 'Parameters' key you've just created and add a new string width the name 'Application'. Right click on 'Application' and select Modify to enter the path to the 'srcds.exe' in your 'srcds directory', then click 'OK' to save.

Now add another string with the name 'AppDirectory' and set it's value to your 'c:\srcds\' directory. Then probally the most important of all add another string with the name 'AppParameters' where the value is the parameters giving to srcds.exe when starting the server. This is exactly the same you should have when creating a bat file or starting the server from the command line, for instance:

-console -game hl2mp +map dm_runnoff +maxplayers 20 -autoupdate

You are now done in the Registry Editor.

Now go to the Services (can be found at the Administrative Tools in your Control Panel), in the list of services you should see a service named 'Source Server'.

Select the service and click the 'Properties' button on top. There's a pulldown where you can select the Startup type, default it is set to 'Automatic' so that the service will start as soon as your Windows has booted.
If you do not wish to always run the UT2004 Server as soon as your Windows boots then set the Startup type to 'Manual'. For this example I leave it to 'Automatic' but since Windows hasn't been rebooted yet you have to start the service manually by pressing the 'Start' button.
If you installed everything right then the service should start without any problems and the status is set to Started as on the above screenshot. If however the service returns an error then it is most likely that there is an mistake in 'AppParameters' string in your Windows Registry.


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