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Stabile Fps
Hey, my server onley show 0,03% when i got 3 players on the server.

My: sys_ticrate 1000 and fps_max 1000. Problem is... Its onley running 127fps.

The fps is stabile so its not laggin but it stays around 126-128 :S
Whats is rong? Cant i make it go to 500 or 1000 stabile?

You need to enable the linux kernel for 1000fps (follow that link). If you have a 64bit comp, you might run into problems.
But it dosent works :S When i have installed the dir linux... How do i run it?

Follow the guide for compiling a kernel from source. When you go into the menuconfig part simply change the hq to 1000
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for linux the fps_max command is -fps_max 0 not fps_max 1000
just as the command for 250fps is fps_max 500 or for 500fps is fps_max 600 try that and see if it works
sure ? i use fps_max 1500 and got 991 fps at hl2.
fps_max 0 disables the limitation...
fps_max 1500 basically does the same, as (without complicated tricks) srcds cannot get above 1000 fps (it waits 1ms after each frame!).

If you limit the fps to something below 1000 fps, srcds will just repeat waiting 1ms after each frame until it gets below the limit. That means you can only achive frame rates which are a integral fraction of 1000 (in fact slightly below those numbers). So if you set fps_max 600, you will get ~500 fps, because 600 fps are just not possible...

This check is done every frame, not in the average. That means, if you want 500 fps, you should set fps_max slightly higher than 500, else you might produce some drops to 333 fps, if for some reason the measured fps get to 501... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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but i tried fps_max 0 and got unstable 984 FPS > with fps_max 1500 i got stable 991 >funny.
i have found that if u use ubuntu or what ever it is the kernal is already set at 1000fps
linux is very unstable for 1000fps

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