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POA server not showing up on list and no one able to join
Well, the title basically says it all: (Its a POA server BTW)

1. It doesnt show up on the list, most of the time.
2. No one can join, even if I give them my ip.
3. But, the puzzling thing, is that it works every ONCE AND A WHILE. Like, shows on the list and everything.

Ok, so, here is the ports I have open:

Here is the line I use to execute:
C:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game planofattack -autoupdate -maxplayers 6 +map light

Here is my console:

Now, one thing I find odd it that it uses my LAN ip for its IP. Alough when I try and type in my ip, into the execute with "+ip" I get an error.

Also, here is my server.cfg:
// Fast Download
sv_downloadurl ""

// Rcon_password
rcon_password ******

// Lan or WAN
sv_lan 0

// Cvars for Anti-lagg
sv_maxrate 3072

sv_minrate 0

sv_maxupdaterate 12

// region
sv_region 1

// Do not change this
sv_maxspeed 160

// Voice is now supported
sv_voiceenable 1

// "Realistic" fall damage
mp_falldamage 1

// Auto team balance will balance the teams to within 1 person
mp_autoteambalance 1

// Limit the teams to a maximum difference to x players when joining
// 0 = disabled
mp_limitteams 1

// Delay all team switches until the end of the round
mp_delayteamswitch 1

// Maximum 35 minutes between map changes
mp_timelimit 35

// 2.5 minute round length
mp_roundlength 150

// FF off
mp_friendlyfire 0

// Hostname
hostname "Circle Jerks POA"

// Uncomment to turn logging on
log on

Now, I cant seem to figure out the problem. Ive been reading on trying to fix this for a week, but no avail.

Also, I have a dynamic IP, that changes daily. I do have a domain name assigned to it.

I have Zone Alarm allowing everything for srcds.exe, with all protocols, ports, ect inculded. Windows Firewall is off. My router is Linksys model WRT54GS.

I think that is everything, if more is needed just ask.

So, any ideas?
Ok, after messing with this for many hours yesterday and today, Ive narrowed it down to Zone Alarm. Ive also told the server to run on port 27016, and have 27000 to 27050 open for both tcp and udp. The server shows up on Gametiger when I have the firewall off.

So, I have it set in Zone Alarm to have access and server rights, as well as having custom rules that let it run on any port, any destination, any time. What do I have wrong. All my other services (http, ftp) work fine with just the access and server rights. Any ideas what I have to do to get srcds to work right too. I definetly want to have the firewall running!

Thanks, Superjed
as far is i can see srcds works fine, its your firewall thats the problem. Gaming Servers
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Yea, its definetly the firewall. My problem now, is that even though I give srcds.exe rights to the internet, it doesnt work still. I have my http and ftp set up the same way, and they both work fine. So, thats where I am now. Its Zone Alarm Pro, and XP pro.

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