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Keep servers running in the background
So, I need help again. I own a dedicated server on another machine (by some hosting company) and on it, I have a few servers installed, including CS:S. I operate them through the program called PuTTy, but as soon as I close this program, the servers crash down with it. I heard there is a program called screen or something, with which the servers can keep running even after I turn off my computer. I guess it's called "running servers in the background". Thx for the answers Wink
Use screen
You can do one of two methods,

A) use Screen - as stated above...
B) add & at the end of your config line...

e.g. ./srcds_run -game cstrike +ip +port 27015 +maxplayers 14 +map map_name -autoupdate &

that will allow you to exit putty and keep your server(s) running.
Or for a noob-friendly tutorial (helped me) on screen:

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