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Intermittent Missing Map Problem
I've set up a TF2 game server with http downloads. I don't have this problem out of my Zombie Panic server, using the same web space, as far as I can tell. The download url is correct and the maps are uploaded in bzip2 format correctly and I know this because it works.. for most people.

A lot of our players don't have a problem downloading our compressed maps, but some members do and I'm afraid more so than I realize because I can't tell if it's happening to players outside of our clan and keeping our server from filling up.

It doesn't seem to matter whether or not the maps to be downloaded are compressed or not. I've tried both methods and some people still get the missing map error. I've searched google and the only answers I find are either the admin's mistake or their solution is to manually download the map which is not acceptable to me. I'm not even positive that it's not their computers instead of the game server but I have had members check their game file integrity and check for possible corrupted map version and I've had no luck.

Has anyone had this problem? Any solutions or suggestion as to what's causing it and how I can correct it.

Thank you
sv_netmaxfile size 99


this should be in your server.cfg and it should be put in client side buy going into and steam based game, and then going into console and typing the command in
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