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Firewall (CA)(sorry wrong topic i can not find it)
i have does this at my firend's house and it worked.Then my house i have firewall i tryed it works a few few can join or get "server not responding" when it up and all ports are done.Both us have some router and computer so it has be firewall.

I have CA.

some tell me make 27015-27020 tcp and udp allow on my computer so i have a good blocks(Master server,not show up on favs)
Does all games.

p.s someinfo Windows xp\rounter linksys wrt54gs emachines we both have some thing noting change just programs.
We both programs we use 24-7 and on:
Steam (legit "crack is for poor people do not post about that")
Srcds (both have garry's mod, Css,TF2,few old games like half life 1 and Cs)
internet explorer (look up some more cmds or addons on are servers)
I have:
some up
firend have:
mairo composser ( i re-edit if i spell it right)
alot hl2 mods
Try forwarding 27011
I am pretty sure that is the Master Server Port.

Adding master server
Adding master server
Connection to Steam servers successful.
VAC secure mode is activated.
CA firewalls are a pain (all ca prducts are a pain) if ur running XP or Vista uninstall the firewall and use the built in one.

Been useing the built in XP SP3 firewall in my server and AVG 8 free and have had 0 problems from day 1
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i tryed 27011 failed ;(
i guess i try to make it not auto start up?
(i edit if it works)

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