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Changing the Default map

Is there a way of changing the default map (for CS:S) without having access to the command line?

If command line access is the only way, is adding "+map name_of_map" correct?

Cheers Jason.
I think you can add "changelevel name_of_map" to your autoexec.cfg
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King Goilio Wrote:I think you can add "changelevel name_of_map" to your autoexec.cfg
Thanks for the suggestion, tried it but it hasn't worked, I guess the command line overrides that. Worth a try though, I'll just have to get my server provider to change it, thanks.
putting it the autoexec would make that map change every map change.

try making a mapcfg for that map, and putting the changemap command in that.
ok no it wouldn't the autoexec only runs on the server startup its the server.cfg that runs every map change and if you make a map config to change it you wouldn't be able to play that map if you wanted to.
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Putting a Changelevel in a cfg file is generally a bad idea.
Putting it in the server.cfg would make the map constantly change. Putting it in a map.cfg would games the map when the said map is changed to.

Set it in the command line.
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