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Permissions on FTP
Hey, I just got a dedicated server from a friend, on which I installed 6 servers until now (I control the dedicated server through a program called PuTTy). Now I'd like to give my friends a FTP access to these servers however I'd like to set their permissions so they can only see and edit the files that are a part of the server (add maps, edit server.cfg, like at those real hosting companies) so they wouldn't mess with my other files and crash the whole server. If I create a user they have access to everything ... So maybe this topic really doesn't belong here, but it seemed a good place to ask such a question, so how do I set permissions to users on FTP?

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Choose an FTP server you want to use ... and read their docs on how to give permission for a directory you want.

I used proftpd and gave shell and ftp access to their directory.
First take a look at this:
Add the serverdirectories to a new group:
chgrp new_group file1 file 2
then add the user to that group by editing /etc/passwd.
(or with the useradd -g command)

Or maybe you should take a look at the umask command

Or you just give him the root password ... but that's not safe
thanks, both of that really helped me, however i still didn't solve the problem. I'm a complete noob at all this (been doing it for 1 week) and could you be so kind to write the whole process how to do it?

For example I have this user called usr_2, and I have 3 CS:S servers on the whole dedicated server (/root/css1/..., /root/css2/..., /root/css3/...). Now I wish so, that he could only edit and have access to the files that are in the folder of the server css1, and could not even look at any other files or directories (root and stuff). I still managed to change the home directory of the usr_2 to the css1 folder, but he can still access all the other files and the servers.

So, please write an exact process on how to do the whole thing (I'm a noob remember Toungue). Thanks!
Okay, I actually made it, and the users now only have access to their own server. However in Shell, they can still access the whole root. How to block them from the whole shell than?
revoke their shell access. Think by doing:

usermod -s "" <user>
Tried this before, however by doing that, when triing to login to FTP this happens:

Ukaz: Pass: ********
Error: Authentication failed.
Error: Critical Error
Error: Connection with the server closed.
Move the css-dirs to a folder other then /root
Then set the permissions with chmod
Thanks, problem solved. I appreciate your help.

btw, new topic opened :p

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