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Horrid tickrate on server, need some help please!
Hey guys, I installed hldsupdatetool on my Gentoo box and it works fine but the tickrate is... not to be desired. At best it's at 10 or 11 Rolleyes

Here's my startup command:

./srcds_run -console -game cstrike +map de_dust2 -maxplayers 30 -autoupdate -tickrate 100

I checked my servers .cfg and it has nothing about max_fps or anything to do with rates or tickrate. My server should be more than capable of running this (Intel Xeon, 4GB RAM, 100mbit connection...)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks Smile
what xeon processor do you have? where are you getting the tickrate numbers from?
Did you set your update rate and command rate on the client? Did you set the max fps on the server? Did you check the stats by rcon:

rcon stats

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