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Version 31 to 32
this last update with hlds tool from version 31 to version 32 is really really slow..

t usually just updates in 1-5min i have tryed to restart but nothing helpes.. is it just me or??Cool

Is not slow dude just alot of ppl connecting right now. Imagine millions ppl trying to update their server and client. Its a big download also. So just be patient it will finish. Or you could wait later on the day or tonight should be alot faster..
No its slow why the hell cant they at least release this during mid week instead of on a friday....... My server update has been on the "updateing 'counter strike sourced shared content'from version 31-32" screen for about 10 minutes now. This is great wish I could do it once a month oh thats right I do....
Still waiting on one nearly 3 hours later this is totally uncalled for they make enough money to afford better servers and connections so we can update our products when they are supposed to be updated.
mine took 30 minutes...
Mine only took about 10.
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mine took 10-15min

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