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autorecord to different directory?

is there any way to record sourcetv demos to some other directory than to the default? With manual recording it seems to work by specifying e.g "tv_record directory/demo" but is possible with autorecord? Or are there any mods doing that?
I played around with this for a while tonight. I couldn't figure out how to do it. Nor could I get a time-stamped filename to record with tv_record (ie: tv_record "/tmp/`date`" or similar)

What I ended up doing is doing an update copy of the directory the demo's end up in. (I'm on a Linux server, btw).

copy -u /dir/path/to/srcds/*.dem /dest/dir/.

The -u will only copy files that have been updated. I then shoved this in cron and have it run every 5 minutes. The dest dir in my case is in the webroot so that I can pick them up when I want.

Hopefully this helps.

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