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TF2 server CPU/ FPS issues
My server computer has a CPU of AMD sempron 2800+ with 1.5Gb ram operating under ubuntu. I am trying to setup a TF2 server with 24 player slots. Here comes the problem: When there are 18 or more players, the server starts at 60fps and drop to 10fps as the players join teams... and 100% cpu usage and the memory allocation is a bit low (always 13%). I can't even have a second, when there are no players at all, to have the server runs at higher than 100 FPS.

Actually the CPU was abnormally high even if there are only about 10 players comparing to other existing servers like COD4 (which consumes only abt 30% CPU with full 32 players).

Any suggestions on increasing the FPS ? I havn't got the chance to test according to those 1000FPS kernel posts yet ..
that cpu isn't going to cut it for a 24 slot tf2 server.
That's a 1.6GHz?
Ya, no well in hell you'll get a 24 slot TF2 server on there.
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