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User Input Sounds Problem
I've gotten everything on my Server to work, such as Mani Admin, Anti Cheat, Quake Sounds, etc. etc.

But when I try to install custom sounds, like if somebody types "dontstand"

The .wav of "Don't stand there" won't play, nothing works..

I followed the guide on this site, when I open Mani Admin, it plays when I goto the list, but not for the commands.

Here's my soundlist, etc.

"Waiting For Suspect" admin_plugin/waitingforsuspect.mp3
"Don't just stand there, pick up the gun and shoot it!" admin_plugin/dontjuststandthere.wav
"Who ate all the donuts ?" admin_plugin/donuteater.wav
"Do you smell something ?" admin_plugin/doyousmell.wav
"With my brains and your brawn we'll make an excellent team" admin_plugin/excellentteam.wav

"Hello" admin_plugin/hellosoft.wav
"Don't ask me" admin_plugin/dontaskme.wav
"Could it get any worse than this ?" admin_plugin/getanyworse.wav
"See ya later" admin_plugin/seeya.wav
"Oh you'll pay, you will definately pay !!" admin_plugin/youwillpay.wav

"Laughing sounds" admin_plugin/laugh.wav
"Move !!" admin_plugin/move.wav
"Good luck out there, you're gonna need it" admin_plugin/goodluck.mp3
"1069er 1069er We got whores in the city, we need backup now, cmon" admin_plugin/whores.wav
"I am the great Cornholio" admin_plugin/cornholio.wav"

It all works correctly in Mani Admin, but not the text inputs, here's my commandlist.txt list.
Sorry for double post, won't let me put anymore in the first.

“suspect” C ma_play 1
“dontstand” C ma_play 2
“donut” C ma_play 3
“smell” C ma_play 4
“brains” C ma_play 5

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