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Max 20 players?
I'm running a server with 22 slots, although for some reason only 20 players can play (10 on each team) meaning two people have to wait while pressing five all the time to get on a team. Really annoying. Toungue

Is it possible to change/disable the amount of max players per team or is it something that is set in the map and not server? And if it is set in the map - can you change it?

(Edit: Also, is this the right place to post his?)
you may have reserve slots setup unknowingly

edit: err, nevermind, it sounds like they are able to connect
I'm moving it...
What game?
Are you running any mods?
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@txqzr4: Yes, they are able to connect. However, they can't join any teams.

@Mooga: It's CSS. The map is Hoejhus. I am running ES, Mani, Metamod, Sourcemod and a few other things.

I asked a friend and he said it could be because there isn't any spawnpoints left. So I guess problem is somewhat solved.
you need to add spawnpoints to the map, its max 20 ppl
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