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Need HELP! Server cant be seen or joined.
Hi, im hosting a server for Counterstrike condition zero. so well, i forwarded my port to 27015. So, no problems with the forwarding part. However, when i type this into cmd,
C:cd \hlserver2
.\hlds.exe -console -game czero +ip -port 27015 +maxplayers 25 +map cs_bloodstrike -noipx

i get a a fatal error saying " Couldnt allocate dedicated server IP port 27015. " and in the console.

So, i tried running HLDS.exe normally. Port 27015. No message there. The lan ip of the server was I tried joining it via adding it to favourites and i could join it. But nobody else could join or see the server. In the console, i see the following message :
WARNING: UDP_OpenSocket: port: 27015 bind: WSAEADDRINUSE
NET Ports: server 27015, client 27005
Could not get TCP/IP address, TCP/IP disabled
Connecting to
Connection accepted by

why is this so?
Help would be appriciated.
Use your LOCAL IP in the startup line.
Remove -noipx
You have to set up portforwarding in your router and give your friends your EXTERNAL IP Smile
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Or you can easily put
sv_lan 0
sv_pure 2

Thats what I do and it appears in my favorites and server list with my extrernal IP.
i tried using my local ip in thestartup line and removed -noipx but i still get the same error message. i also tried adding the sv_lan and sv_pure lines into the server.cnfg. still cant.
Your IP is static right?
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