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Fit-PC and Linux SRCDS
I'm thinking about going for one of these soon:

Basic specs are:
500MHz cpu (single core), 512mb RAM

How well do you think this would run SRCDS? I'd likely install Ubuntu JeOS on it (barebones ubuntu install) I'd also be setting up:
Teamspeak 2
Apache with PHP5
and if I ever run a desktop environment on it i'd probably end up setting up VNC

I tried a little test using a virtual machine (1.76GHz single core, 512mb RAM) and SRCDS ran like crap.. but I think thats because all hardware is virtualised Toungue

let me know your thoughts Smile
note the 500mhz, maybe you could do 12 slot server maybe with 33tick. I have seen a some NAS (CPU: 266 Mhz RAM: 64MB ) that have Apache, PHP and MySQL. I wont run that setup on 500mhz, don't expect anything wow

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