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HLDS Terrible performance
Hello everyone.

I have terrible performance issues on one of my servers. The other servers are running srcds and goes smooth and nice.

For starters:
Intel core 2 duo E6850 3.0ghz
2gig ram
120Gb 7200rpm disc

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
Modded kernel -> 1000Hz RT

With my recent readings 80/80Mbit

This is in my opinion a fairly good server. Its perpose is to run ONE server. A standard Condition Zero server.

Command line options:
pingboost 2 sys_ticrate 600 26 players

Cfg setting:
fps_map 600
sv_maxrate 20000
sv_maxupdaterate 70

The server chokes terrible, if a take a look at the server fps, it pends up and down, from 120 to 500. I dont know if that creates the choke. This even happens with 4-8 players.

If i lower the updaterate to 30, the choke is pending from 1-10, but this isnt the settings i was hoping for with the hardware the server is running on. The really strange thing is that the server dont top the cpu load at all, i cant push it over 30% load according to "top". And thats with sys_ticrate 1000 and pingboost 3.

What have i made wrong, what have i missed ?

Sorry for my bad english Rolleyes

Thanks in advance
What's the speed of your internet connection?
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fqdn Wrote:if you've seen the any of the matrix movies, a game server is not all that different. it runs a version of the game that handles the entire world for each client connected. that's the 2 sentence explanation.
I took a new reading today:

80Mbit upload
90Mbit download

TCP Send: 84837507 bps (84.84 Mbit/s)
TCP Recv: 90639934 bps (90.64 Mbit/s)
scrds and hlds are two very very different things. In your server.cfg see if you have sys_ticrate 1000 or sys_ticrate 2000. Test both 1000 and 2000 to see what ticrate gives you the most stable FPS. I'm still a beginner on this so let me know if you have any tips for how to run the perfect HLDS server.

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