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What is your TF2 Server FPS?
What is your distribution?
What does your "rcon status" say?
What are configs?

Mine says this:
distribution: Debian etch
rcon status: 0.00 0.00 0.00 2 0 500.00 0
tickrate 100
sv_maxrate 30000
sv_maxupdaterate 100
fps_max 600

Could anyone get more than 500?
I duno, I am starting to think that people who think that 1000fps amkes a difference are looney.

500 is just fine in my opinion. I posted a help thread to people who live a breathe linux, and seemed aghast at some of the kernel settings people were using "USER_HZ shouldn't ever be changed, especially by such a large factor;"

For me, it seemed to kill my loading times, so even though I could get my server fps to like 978, the crappy load times made it a no brainer... i switched back to old 500fps kernel.

Dare I say, 1000 fps is more for flexing epeen then bettering your sever's performance. I highly doubt any one is going to notice a difference in game from fps_max 300, 500, and 1000 servers

If you want to try anyway, here this the guide
Use 1000 instead of 1500
It didn't work out for me, so don't expect awesome.
I am not asking for a 1000fps config, I am wondering what other server admins TF2 server fps_max averages are.

Plus, of course there is a difference if you play with 150fps server and a 500fps server, try lowering your update rate to like 10 and see the difference.
lol wow, i thought I was in a different thread when I replied.

I get 500fps on centos 5.2
66 tick (max on tf2)
fps_max 600

Yeah, it's going to change it when you change the updaterate to, but people here seem to think that the default fps (300 I think) vs 1000 is going to make their server run better. Once you're passed 100, no one in-game is going to see/feel the difference imo.


now I got to find the thread I thought I was replying in.
that's what happens when I stay up passed 3am

edit: wow I found it, it wasn't even in this website... O_o

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