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Left 4 Dead?
The new L4D game is coming out late November and we will be running a server for it.

Do you guys have any idea what sort of resources it will use?
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Nope but I imagine a hell of a lot.
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The minimum hardware requirements to run a 4 slot? Anyone know?
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seriously, I've read incident of someone running the demo on a 1.2ghz celeron without issue and not using >50% cpu - I'd say 1ghz CPU, 1GB ram would be more than enough.
You'll run out of RAM before CPU power, each server uses like 500mb average. I don't know how well that pages into swapfile though.
Hmm...this is coming from limited observation as the game is freshly released:

Hosted on XP 32-bit laptop 2.2 GHz C2D 4GB RAM and 4 human players

Using 10-50 KB/sec of bandwidth, less than 50% CPU, and ~200 MB of RAM.

I'm wondering if this will run on my old laptop 1.4 GHz Celeron 512MB RAM.

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