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Well I just bought a server which is running linux CentOS. I was wondering if there things I need to do first to make my gameservers run well.

Also when I used windows there was the boost program to make sure its 100 tick. Do you still need some sort of program running with linux? If so what stuff?

Finally, I used a program on windows called serverdoc to auto restart servers if they are shutdown. What can I use to do the same thing but on linux?

Thanks for any help given.
Try reading this forum first, please. After that you can ask the same old questions all over again.
You should really search the forums first but I am in a good mood Smile.

If by having a boost program for 100 tick, do you mean for higher FPS? If so, you usually don't have to actually do anything to achieve pretty high fps, but if you do, you must recompile the kernel. You make a shell script or look for one around here to auto restart the server.
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Thanks and yes I searched the forums all day yesterday. I have found some stuff but was looking for further input to just be sure im on the right track with these posts I have found as im new to the linux os. Yes your correct with the boost program so thanks for clearing that up for me. So all i have left to do is find the shell script which i did bookmark a page about this on this forum so ill look more into it. I was just asking to be sure this was actually what i needed and it seems it was. So once again thank you Spartanfrog.

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