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hldsupdatetool very slow
I'm installing on a dedicated server with a 100mbit connection but the hldsupdatetool is sooooo slow.

I do:
./steam -command update -game synergy -dir .
Checking bootstrapper version ...
Updating Installation
5min later
Checking/Installing 'Synergy Content' version 0
10 min later
0.38% ./orangebox\synergy\bin\server.dll

First it was very fast, but know sometimes i just not wants to start. also when the server crashes sometimes it doesn't want to restart because its stuck at the part updating installation
How long has this been happening? It could be that Steam's machines are performing poorly.
its still slow, and last week had the same problem when installing a cstrike server
I'm having this same issue a few hours ago. Just reinstalling linux on my server hope it's not going to be super slow downloading all the server things later Sad
We're getting this at the moment and have been the past few days.
I've noticed it too, with downloading games or anything else from steam.

And SRCDS - Games servers.

But my conclusion is:

Did you all got alot of new free games?
Yes I did - You're downloading and I quess steam can't handle it!

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