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Some newbie questions :x
So, finally got srcds installed on my bro's Linux (Debian) box. It runs fine, I have one big problem though; when I log in with the rcon password and use an rcon command, nothing happens.. After a while I get a console message stating I lost connection to the RCON server (UNKNOWN ERROR).

Also, I'm wondering how you host two servers on one box, you'd probably have to change the port on the second server - how do I do this?

And as last, when I launch the server in PuTTy, I can't input any commands (mp_restartgame 1,for example); nothing happens. Is there a way to get something like a command window for the server in a terminal?

Thanks in advance guys. <3

(Also, sorry for posting this in the General Forum as well as the Linux one - I'm rather desperate! Sad)
check linux forum
For changing port on the second server use -port 27035(Place it out with your own) in your start line(batch script).

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