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Unable to connect to remote server
Hi. I have a very weird problem here. My srcds shows "unable to connect to remote server" when my clan war mod starts the knife round. When I searched the net I found that it happens when rcon and stuff is executed. But here rcon is not connected at all. My rcon works fine, and I have this problem even when I launch it from srcds. I have a function war_knife which shows a menu for ready (Yes or No), when Yes is pressed the knife round starts. It loads the server cfg, but it doesn't launch the countdown config (which should show 3,2,1 etc) and just lags for a period of time (possibly because I test it on the same machine the server is run) and when I look at srcds console it just types "unable to connect to remote server" multiple times. Things like ports are forwarded properly. So any idea why would it show?

edit: Nevermind. Found it. I had a problem with my script to get executed. It ran rcon and if rcon function is used on srcds then it shows that message. I had "rcon say [Live on 3 restarts]" in the script instead of just "say". This caused the problem.

edit2: Now I have a bit differnet problem. My fps no srcds is limited to 256 or sometimes even 64. I have set fps_max to 1000, but it doesn't help. Any ideas? I have heard of some boosters and stuff, but how does srcds limits itself? On what conditions?

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