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Help with server
Hi i would appreciate a little knowledge if possible please here is the problem:

i am running a dedicated server on :
athlon64 3000+
1gig ddr 400 memory
130gig samsung 7200rpm hdd
and my connection is 3meg ntl cable broadband

the first question i have is, i am running a network at home this has the server and my gaming pc on same b/b connection all i play is source on the gaming pc and the server only runs scrds on it, will this dramatically downgrade server performance?
and also server will only fun at 65fps no more can i adjust this?
last question how many players do you think i should allow for?
thankyou for any help
reguardless how fast of a computer you have, if your server is the same computer as what you play on, then it'll lag.
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hi thankyou for your reply the computer i use to play cs:s is not the server but its on the network. i have the cable modem goign direct into server and then a crossover cable going to my gaming pc so ther is 2 pc's, i have played with the maxupdaterate ect.. and ive had 8 people on with good pings (around 25-60) but i dont fully know how to set these settings. i have a 3meg connection and all the second pc is used for is cs:s and the server is just for dedicated server use. then new specs of server are:
althon64 3000+ cpu
2gig (2x512ddr400 and 1x 1gb ddr400)
160gig SATA hdd with 8meg buffer or cache whatever it stands for Smile
running on a nforce2 board
and running winxp pro using srcds.
all i have running in addition to srcds is microsoft spyware blaster (auto scan turned off and same with auto updates) and serverdoc to restart if server crashes.
the second pc is:
p4 2.4ghz
1gb (2x 512ddr pc2700)
200gb ide 7200rpm with 2meg
geforce6600 256meg
will this cause lag using both computers on same cable modem as its 3meg? and what do you think the best settings will be there is 14 player slots and i would like to give good pings but good uploads for maps!
ps does the graphics card in server make a differece? it has a 64 geforce2

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