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Access problem

I have a problem with some players. Indeed, when they try to come in my dedicated server, loading blocks with 3 bars and after nearly 20min to wait, server writes "disconnected by user". Why this problem comes for only some players and others can join my server?

I need your help because i don't find anywhere the solution.

Thank you for all

linux red hat v9.0
sounds like they are timing out for some reason Gaming Servers
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Yes maybe, but have you got a solution? Because I want to tell them to re-install but if a solution exist.....

Thank you

The next time this is happening have the alt-tab out to a command prompt and type:


where the x's are the ip address of your server.

This will tell them if their packets are dieing before reaching your server. Post the results in here is you can't find out what it means or if it's not obvious to you.

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Thank you i will try this and post the replied here

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