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SteamStartValidatingUserIDTicket O.O?
hi again Toungue
your probably getting tired of me, sorry Sad
OK, i had everything running fine.
i switched my server to a different comp, so no more lag when i play, and the server is running perfect at 33 and 66 tick, up to 16 players no lag, and i was so happy Big Grin

but... of course something had to go wrong.
since yesterday night, not allot of people had been joining. i mean people were still joining but only like 3 people were playing, and now only 1 person joins and leaves soon cause noones playing.

So i go check my srcds dedicated server thingy, and i see see this error
SteamStartValidatingUserIDTicket: Returned ESteamError 25
like 50 times, but in between the error, someone connects, so i know it doesnt happen for everyone.
also, i read somewhere that's it happens for people who dont have LEGIT steam accounts, but are there really that many people with fake steam accounts joining my server?

so i tried updating my hldsupdatetool, and made sure that i have lan on 0, but still only like 1 or 2 people join, and i keep getting that message.
Anyone know the problem?

these are my forwarded ports

hl2server - TCP 27015-27016 -> 27015-27016
UDP 27015-27016 -> 27015-27016
CSS1 - TCP 27020-27039 -> 27020-27039
CSS2 - UDP 1200 -> 1200
CSS3 - UDP 27000-27015 -> 27000-27015

Thank You
try on your comp deletein steam.dll and steamui.dll and renaming Clientregister.blob

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