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Ultra high ping from time to time.
Sometimes everybodys ping just jumps to 200-500 for some time then goes down again, (still the same amount of players) but then after a while it might go back up..

Does anyone know what can cause this.. I only have 1mbit upload and max players is 12.. tickrate is 66.. what is causing this? Could it be the windows? Should i try and install Linux? If yes.. anything you could recommend? im pretty much a linux retard.

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It's probably your network provider causing the high ping time to time. Where do you have your server hosted?
In my basement lol.. well.. my ISP is called Stofanet.. Which is Telia's.. In denmark
That's what I thought. I almost added sarcastic comment after the hosting question, but didn't Rolleyes Anyway, there's your answer Smile
Hmm.. What if i change the maxrate to something else? I remember trying out 33Tick and it didnt really help if im correct
It's your internet provider.

Yeah, try to change it first.

If you're going to host servers in Denmark(I quess you're from there Smile), then get Cybercity or TDC(I recommend Cybercity) Since they provide good enough internet for 12 slots 66tick(Unless you have access to Fibernet, then they will provide 60 times more), also are you playing on the same network?
I don't think this has anything to do with any of your game server settings. It's just the way how your ISP routes and priorizes traffic in their network. Time to time they probably run some checks on their network and that causes the slowdown.

You said this happens "time to time", which I understand is something like 10-30 second lags every 5-60 minutes. There is nothing you can do to prevent this. Normal web surfers don't even notice the lag in the ISP's network. You wouldn't either if you didn't host game server there.

There's nothing you can do. Don't waste your time trying to find solution to a problem that's caused by your ISP's network. Or then ask the question the opposite way: Why does your network have low pings most of the time? Is it because you have rates wrong? Doh.
yeah im playing on the same network, and i really doubt my parents wanna switch internet because my retarded css server doesnt run optimized.
did i mention that it often happens when a pc on the servers network (me for example) joins the server..

I hate telia.
It's your upload rate, it isn't high enough.

Reasons to not play on the same network as you host servers on(Also, don't play on the same computer as you host on):
  • Your brandwidth will increase much more than you expect.
  • When you play on the server you will use much more brandwidth since you also personally has to download alot of packets, and then your servers packets will be delayed out to cleints, so their pings will rice(Look, your own ping didn't rise!).
  • Ordinary programs suchs: Msn, Steam, Skype or other stuff you might have on your computer, slows the internet much more down.

Well, basicly it isn't Telias fault, it's your "own", not much you can do about it, unless you'll be able to upgrade your internet specs and your hardware, I quess.

EDIT: I noticed the "ALLTALK" in your server name, how more people who speak, as more brandwidth you'll need Smile
We could just as well speak danish lol.. but yeah... the server is a pc running on its own btw. I cant see why I, who is just a pc on the same network as the server, (or am i? the server is not connected to the router... so its basicly not a part of the network?) I cant see why it would be any problem.. You are probably quite about the alltalk thing tho.. is there a more lousy codec perhaps, that requires less bandwidth?

im also looking a lot forward to telia perhaps getting 2mbit upload and perhaps even more than 25mbit down Big Grin
Det kunne vi jo Smile

Thats what I got, with Cybercity.
25 down and 2 up.

So, you got 2 brandwidth connections in your apartment/house?
I don't know if we got that.. Doubt it..
We could get cybercity but nah, im not gonna beg for that.. Not for a css server lol. I run it with windows 2003 now with these rates:

sv_maxrate 9999
sv_minupdaterate 13
sv_maxupdaterate 30

actually runs okay.. people are telling me they dont lagg and with 12 players in, most people have around 20-40 in ping which is pretty good imo (on my server). But just here before, everyone suddenly fell off the server with a "Connection Closing" error.. Everyone could just again right after tho :S? You know whats causing that?
Nah, thats not my speciality, sorry.

I quess, it would be your router, more details I can't provide, sorry.
Thats alright.. Cant be the router tho, as said, my server is outside router.. Directly hooked up to the very internet
That could be, I don't know. If you had one, then you could try it out.

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