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what commands should i write so my MAP server can be only HE_granades?

i installed my srcds server and Manii server plug in

and i wanna know

what commends should i write so all weapon can be restricted exept granades?

and how can i make it giives them grande the hole time

i meen

after they throw one they get the second one right away

i not sure about the give nades every time but with mani u can do ma_restrictall and then ma_unrestrict hegrenade

If you cant do it any other way, you can always see if there is a mod like eventscripts for nade spawning
thx dude

but i played in a server like the one i told u about

so its possible

thx anyway
Go into your mani_server.cfg and find:

// *****************************************************************************
// Module : Miscallaneous
// Desc : Small cvars for various controls
// *****************************************************************************

// Call to the mani_quake_sounds.cfg file if it exists
exec mani_quake_sounds.cfg

// The following cvar controls how the mapcycle is calculated
// 0 = standard Valve map cycle,
// 1 = if you don't want your mapcycle to reset to the first in the
// list when moving to a map not in the cycle,
// 2 = random cycle (uses mani_vote_dont_show_last_maps cvar to exclude
// last maps played)
// 3 = skip to the next unplayed map in the map cycle list until all maps
// have been played when it is reset.
mani_mapcycle_mode 0

// 0 = Normal game play
// 1 = players get free HEs in CSS at spawn and after an HE has been thrown
mani_unlimited_grenades 0

// Force all dead players to run overview_mode 0 every game frame
mani_war_mode_force_overview_zero 0

// Set this to allow stacking of players in CSS
// (overrides cs_stacking_num_levels cvar)
mani_cs_stacking_num_levels 2

// mani_use_ma_in_say_command When set to 1 you must use the prefix ma_ in
// say commands, if 0 you can drop the ma_ prefix if you wish
// This is only for in game say commands and for Beetlefart compatibilty if
// you use it.
mani_use_ma_in_say_command 0

// 0 = All Dead talk off, 1 = All dead talk on
mani_dead_alltalk 0

// Set to 0 for normal mode, set to 1 for spam removal.
// This cvar is useful if you are using Mattie's Event Scripts that call
// plugin functions so the chat area is not spammed.
mani_mute_con_command_spam 0

// Enable disable top left ma_say and ma_chat
mani_adminsay_top_left 1

// Enable disable chat area ma_say and ma_chat
mani_adminsay_chat_area 1

// Allow admin say at bottom of screen
mani_adminsay_bottom_area 0

// Allow users to chat to admins using ma_chat
mani_allow_chat_to_admin 1

// Defines whether the command ff executed is shown only to the player or the
// whole server (1 = player only)
mani_ff_player_only 0

// Defines whether the command nextmap executed is shown only to the player or
// the whole server (1 = player only)
mani_nextmap_player_only 0

// Defines whether the command timeleft executed is shown only to the player
// or the whole server (1 = player only)
mani_timeleft_player_only 0

// Defines whether the command thetime executed is shown only to the player or
// the whole server (1 = player only)
mani_thetime_player_only 0

// This defines how long the burn time should be for in seconds when a player
// is burned by admin
mani_admin_burn_time 20

// This defines whether a message will be displayed when a hostage stops
// following you in CSS.
mani_hostage_follow_warning 0

// This allows you to change the prefix of chat commands, the default is @
mani_say_command_prefix "@"

// This allows all players to be able to use the ma_rates command
// 0 = Only admins with ma_rates access,
// 1 = Anyone on the server can use ma_rates
mani_all_see_ma_rates 1

// If a team swap takes place via the end of map vote, set this to 1 to
// swap the team scores, set to 0 if not (CSS Only)
mani_swap_team_score 1

// If you want the menus to close automatically after making a select like
// slay, freeze etc, set this to 1. If you wish them to stay open set this to 0
mani_old_style_menu_behaviour 0

// If you are using the AMX style menus but would prefer the option to use
// the escape style text input box when inputting text data such as when
// setting a name in the Client Admin menu, then set this to 1.
mani_menu_force_text_input_via_esc 0

// With the following cvar you can setup the maximum time that a player can ban
// for if they only have the normal ban flag 'b' setup for them. The flag for
// any kind of ban incuding permanent bans is the 'pban' flag. The value of the
// cvar is in minutes. The default value is 360 minutes or 6 hours, any admin
// with the 'b' flag but not the 'pban' flag will only be able to ban a player
// for 6 hours at the most and will not be able to do permanent bans.
mani_admin_temp_ban_time_limit 360

// This cvar slays players who are killed during a CSS round then leave and
// rejoin the server in the same round then spawn to play the same round
// more than once. 0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled
mani_anti_rejoin 0

// This cvar will refund the money for a weapon if it is removed at spawn
// from a player due to an impending restriction.
mani_weapon_restrict_refund_on_spawn 1

// This cvar will prevent users from picking up a weapon if it is restricted.
// It also closes a loop hole where a weapon can be bought, dropped, then
// another weapon bought (assuming 1 weapon per team is in effect)
mani_weapon_restrict_prevent_pickup 1

// 5 configs that can be run on start of map load
// mani_exec_default_file1 defaults if not set to mani_server.cfg
// mani_exec_default_file2 defaults if not set to ./mani_admin_plugin/defaults.cfg

mani_exec_default_file1 "mani_server.cfg"
mani_exec_default_file2 "./mani_admin_plugin/defaults.cfg"
mani_exec_default_file3 ""
mani_exec_default_file4 ""
mani_exec_default_file5 ""

// If you have Steam Bans running ( you can automatically
// get your client to run sb_status in the console when choosing a player
// to observe. 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled.
mani_sb_observe_mode 0

Look for:
// 1 = players get free HEs in CSS at spawn and after an HE has been thrown
mani_unlimited_grenades 0

Set mani_unlimited_grenades to 1

And then change the map or load the mani_server.cfg.

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