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question about the steam tools srcds and the cmd scrds
ok so if i alrewd yhave the steam tools dedicated server and i want to swithc to the cmd one i have a few questions
1) do i keep the same ports fowarded for the cmd one and the steam tools one?

2) if i change the tickrate to like 66 will it stay forever like that?

3) and if i have mods and settings can i just copy and paste them there?

4) is it smaller than the steam tools one or is it the same? or larger?
1) yes, unless you want to run the server on a different port.
2) No. Change the startup command paramaters to change the tickrate. Restarting the server is required.
3) Yes.
4) dont know. doesnt matter really unless you have some archaic hard drive.
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ok thanks so if i change th command paramaters its there foreever if i dont change it?
If you set in the command line the tick to be 66. It will ALWAYS be 66 unless you turn off the server and boot up with a different tick rate in the command line.

I'm not 100% sure, but SRCDS will be larger then the one on steam because the steam one probably pulls from already downloaded game data (if the game is also installed on the computer).
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oh hmmmm then ill install it and uhh report back Big Grin

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