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TF2 Arena Maps not starting
Ok, for some reason we cannot get our Arena maps to start. Basically, we all join the map, select a character, get to the start screen with the countdown waiting for players, and there we stay. The clock counts down and nothing happens, pressing the tab key reveals a whole pile of us waiting to play on the bottom of the scorecard.

I've cleaned up reloaded the default config_arena.cfg but still will not start.
Is there any setting in server.cfg that relates to Arena that I've missed?
Ohh have the same problem. Seen on other servers that when i connect alone it says "waiting for another player to start round" but on mine there is same problem as yours Sad
Turn off ALL admin mods.
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The only mod we have is Mani, disabled it, no difference, arena maps don't start.
Have tryed to turn off admin mods, still not work. But when i turn on tournament mode and close it again the map says, Waiting for one more player to start the round. If i dont do that with tournament so it only says waitng for players and never start.
Im having this same problem aswell. If someone could post some help that would be awesome. Im going to backup some files and reload our server tonight. If that works ill post in here.

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