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Hello I have been playing hl2mp coop for some time and started to make maps but needed a server to test on . So i start a server the normal way through steam and found windows don't do zombies. So I get another hard drive and install Linux Ubuntu Hardy Heron on it , then srcds , what fun that was. I used this to install most of it worked but i had to convert the css to hl2mp but it hoesed up , so i just drag server from one hard drive to the other reinstall sourcemods and it works fine.. My need is that i need a way to see the server to monitor the players and to input commands , like to kick a plaer or whatnot while not being in the game.
If you put in a HLTV bot, you can watch via HLTV. Then use something like HLSW to send RCON command.
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"the box said 'requires windows xp or better'. so i installed linux"
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Oh man is that the only way just to spectate , i need a console to input commands and to kick players on the fly while not in game just as the normal server setup is . I need linux to run zombies in the maps . This linux thing is all new to me i know very little about it , everything is worded differant and in strange places. Maybe what i need just cant be done at all .
HLSW Allows you to issue rcon commands without logging in the server. What I did is having an IRC Bot that has RCON Support. So I issue kick/msg/change map from IRC without logging inot the server. For what your doing, installing HLSW on windows is enough for your needs. Try it
Cool i hope there be linux support.
Currently the client only works on windows.
It would be nice if Windows or Steam got there stuff to work .

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