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SRCD server problems!!!.
ok my srcds works fine and all but this is the problem....i play on the server and wen we get bored we change the map and the mic wont work.....wen i press the mic button (k) it wont show up

piz help
Wrong area. Moved.

Please explain your issue... because you didn't.
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He's probably got wrong button bindings. He's not seeing the effort to really solve the problem. It doesn't seem to be server related. Close this topic.. and maybe wait for better new thread where he even writes proper sentences etc.
davidusa95 Wrote:Ok my srcds works fine, but there is a problem....When i play on the server and we get bored we gonna change the map. After changing map the microphone doesn't work, when i press the microphone button (k) the little speaker in the right corner won't show up.

piz help
Normal english.

@ css yeah i think thats right. But i get it ^^

Your problem is like css said your bindings it could also be your server open up your server.cfg and put there this command :
"sv_voiceenable"  "1"
This will enable the server voicechat again.

If its just your open up your options and check your voice button.

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