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Alright, I have a couple questions.

First, when I install a server I use the following command lines for CS:S and TF2.

"path" -console -game cstrike -autoupdate +maxplayers 12 +exec server.cfg +map de_dust2 -tickrate 100 +fps_max 600 -ip <ip> -port <port>

"path" -console -game tf -ip <ip> -port <port> +maxplayers 24 +map pl_badwater -tickrate 66

Then I use the srcdsfpsboost program and keeep it running at all times.

Finally, I use the ServDoc to automatically restart my server if it were to crash or be restarted through console.

Is this all that needs/should be done to have a server running at its top performance on a Windows server?

Second, On a TF2 server should I have a max_fps set for that as well?

So With that said if you could direct me in the right way id be so happy. I got my servers running and they work fine but want to make sure I can't make this better.

Also if anyone knows Im going to be having a dedicated server box thats a 1x Xeon Kentsfield X3210 | 4x 2.13ghz processor soon and was curious to how many servers you suggest that will hold. Note that at the same time this will be handling a couple websites as well.

Also does running linux over windows have more benefits?

And finally for people running really good servers as in performance, how often do you have to restart your gameserver due to choppyness?
first question: looks good.
second questions: if it isnt lagging dont worry about it
fourth question: not my forte, someone else answer
fifth question: It can have its benefits, but if you dont have a grasp of it already, there is a good chance it will be overwelming. but if you want to try it anyway try ubuntu, lots of community support on their forums.
6th question: i have my servers restart daily at 6am, as well as automatic clearing of all logs and downloads.
how do you setup a daily restart automatically?
i use linux, im not to sure in windows.
Search, i know someone wrote a how-to.
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