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newbie here with loads of questions
Hi All,

First of all Im glad I found this site , since im a total beginner in hosting servers for the Source engine. I have ran many servers in the past, but they were all based on the UT engines so you can understand my bewilderment Toungue

I have searched a lot and by now know (or think I know) how to setup a dedicated server, what im completely lost about is how to admin the thing (except for the obvious cfg files)

Then main questions are:

- How does one log in as admin?
- is there a webinterface or remote management tool (rcon?, how do I use that??!!)
- are there any tutorials to get me started on admining a server?

I have searched the forums on: "admin commands" "admin login" etc, but all I found was a special plugin.

A pointer in the right direction would be greatly appreciated Cool

this one is pretty good

Mani Admin Plugin
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great for remote administration of a server (not configs)
pm me if u need to know how it works, i gots a tutorial i did on it
although admin plugins are usefull and easy to use i dont think we should confuse this guy so quickly!

Lets start with basics, source uses Rcon commands in much the same way other games do. 'rcon_password "pass"' must be set in a config file (/cfg/server.cfg) for rcon to be activated with that password.
Anyone who knows the rcon password can log in from inside the game or outside using hlsw or other rcon based tools.

rcon_password "pass" from a game-console will connect to rcon for that server.

each command afterwords must be preceeded with 'rcon' and a space followed by the command.

'rcon say "test"' is exactly the same as putting 'say "test"' directly into the console on your server.
Any command can be executed this way but are only valid for as long as the server is online or overwritten by a config (executed after each map load)

Mani plugin is by far the best and most popular for source and fairly easy to set up. once you have added your steam ID and access to the config all you need to do is go in-game, drop down your console and type 'admin'. This will activate a GUI to perform some actions in the server.

Hope this helps Smile Gaming Servers
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i have been reading up on that mod and it did sound good, but where/how do I find my steam ID I cant find it in steamSad

thanks for the help sofar
To get your Steam ID you need to enter a CS:S server and bring up the console (in game). Than type 'status' (without the quotes) and press enter. You than see a list of information of the players on the server, including your own. Behind your name you can find your Steam ID.
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perfect thanks!!Big Grin

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