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Problems with dedicated server
Hey, I bought a server from, I ordered a 12 man, not debranded, but tick 100 server for £12.60 for one month period.

Mani-mod has an 'advert' that says "Server Tick Rate {TickRate}", every time this is displayed it tells me it's 33 but I payed for 100! I've contacted the support team at and they're telling me that it's tick 100, is there any method I can use to check my tick rate without using mani mod? Thanks guys
Join the server:

Type all those commands in your console:

net_graph 3
cl_cmdrate 100
cl_updaterate 100

[Image: tickrate2.jpg]

Look in the red box.

The 68.0 means I get 68 packets from the server pr sec. (Also 66tick)
(The one below shows how many packets I 'm sending to the server)

If that one is 100, you've a 100tick server, remember to use those CVARS.
oh, well it's around, look:
[Image: fasfio.jpg]

has been known to scam people before? He's re-assuring me that I have tick 100 but it's clearly 33, is there anything that I can do to force them to give me what I have paid for or a full refund? I've only used the server for less than 24 hours and I find their service appauling. I'm really dissapointed.

'realchamp' though, your help on this forum that you've gave me so far has been bliss. Thanks for your time
Did you type those commands in your console?
net_graph 3
cl_cmdrate 100
cl_updaterate 100
(Post the IP, then I can go check if it does the same with me).

I've never heard of them.

Hehe, You're Welcome Smile
Yes, I'm most certain that my settings are those. I'll PM you it, thankyou
Okay Smile
jolt are a very old time and reputable company, but for css they arent the best choice Big Grin

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