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SRCDS Available Command Names

You might wondering what the + and - means? It's quite simple.
Those commands where there is a + infront of it, can be used as normal commands, like in your server.cfg.
So if you have this command in your startup line: +fps_max 300, and you'll like to have it twice, then copy it to your server.cfg, and remove the +.
Also: Console variables

Those commands can ONLY be changed and used in startup command(Batch script, or whatelse you might use)
Theres noway you can change a -nobots command while you're playing on the server, or trying to RCON it.
You must have access to the root directory.
Also: Command-line parameters.

Command List

// This command toggels if the server should be In-secure or secure.
// In-secure: People who have Banned Steam Accounts(VAC), can connect and use cheats without being banned agian!
// And the same if you aren't VAC-Banned, and you're playing on a In-secure server, you shouldn't be VAC-Banned.
// Note: For disableling In-secure Mode, even change it to -secure or remove the command.

// This command controls if bots should be allowed to join your server, if this command is set, theres NOWAY you can add bots.
// So if you're a Hosting Company and you don't want bots on your server, use this command in your startup-line.
// It removes the "Bot_add_x", so it doesn't exits.

// This defines what port your server should run at.
// Note: It requires to portforward the port set in here.
// Change the 27015, if you'll like to have your own port (Like 1337)
-port 27015

// This command makes the server window look like a cmd prop or a "Console".
// If this command is not set, the server will be in a GUI version.
// I prefer you allways use the Console version
// Note: Only for Windows!

// This would disable SourceTV 100%. You won't be able to add it with this command in your start-up line. (There's actually 2 of them)
-nohltv or -tvdisable

// This command defines what game your server should run.
// Note: You must have installed the game with your HldsUpdateTool.
// For a List Of Games, I prefer: Spartanfrog's SRCDS POSSIBLE GAME NAMES.
-game cstrike

// This controls how many packets you'll allow to run through your server.
// How highter this is, how better game play your cleints gets, but uses more brandwidth and takes more of your Computer.
// The 100(Look below), is the maximal number, you can change this to whatever you like below 100!
// Note: Team Fortress 2, has a tickrate maximum of 66Tick.
-tickrate 100

// This command specifies which map to start with.
// Any maps can be used, and the fully lenght of the maps has to be used!
// Replace the de_dust2 with your own map if you like.
+map de_dust2

// Set the maximum of players there is space for on your server.
// Maximum: 64
// Minimum: 1
+maxplayers 16

// This one is just a demostration of values/commands you can use.
// Remember this is the FIRST place you can add a command.
// Ofcause can you replace the command with anything you like!
+sv_cheats 0

// This automaticly updates your server when its restarted or crashed.(If theres one available)
// WARNING: If the Auto-Update fails, your server CAN'T startup - Unless you're actually are there, so you can stop it.
// Note: This is not acting together with ANY Windows Operating Systems!
// Note: Only for Linux!
// If you dont wish this, just dont put in the command.
-autoupdate 1

// Define how long time your server should "Sleep" before it re-startes a failed server.
// The value is in seconds.
-timeout 30

// Defines what port the VAC2 port should use.
// Replace port with your own port.
-sport port

// Use this command if you have multiple Network cards installed on your computer.
// Remember to use your external IP, you can find it here:
// The IP I used below isn't an active IP(Just standard for people who haven't done portforwarding). Make sure yours is!

// Selects between optimized HLDS network code stack.
// Set this on 2 usually reduces latency toward 1ms without loss of activity input packets.
-pingboost 2

// Specifies the host port (Port specification before -port was added, but can still be used).
+hostport 27015

// This is the command who reject your cleints to a different port if it set.
// If your server has 27015 in -port 27015 you can set this one to +clientport 27035
// Note, then you'll have to portforward 27035.
+clientport 27035

// Won't attempt to restart failed servers.
-norestart 1

// This command checks each individually files match to the lastes Steam version.
This command for a Windows Server:
DIR/srcds.exe -game cstrike -console +map de_dust2 -tickrate 66 -nobots +maxplayers 18
(Just replace it with your own stuff, Tickrate, port, etc.)

This command for a Linux Server:
./srcds_run -game cstrike +map de_dust2 -tickrate 66 -nobots -autoupdate +maxplayers 18
(Just replace it with your own stuff, Tickrate, port, etc.)

It's not completed yet. If you have more commands then PM me with the description and command ofcause.

Update List.
  • 1 January 2009: Added a new command -nohltv -tvdisable
  • 10 November 2008: Made it in "Qouted" text.
  • 29 September 2008: Added Example Part.
  • 29 September 2008: Corrected spelling errors.

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