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Question about server specs
How much horse power would I need to run a pair of 32 player 66 tick servers off of the same machine, either 66 or 100 tick rates.
I presume a Duel core would do, something above 2.4 preferrably. Depending on your OS, lotsa' ram. Can never go wrong with lotta' Ram.

But most of all an awesome ISP. =p
hehe horsepower. . . anywho yea, a dual-core will do, atleast 2gb ram, 3-4 preferred. and descent amount of bandwidth. . .
Ryan White
Owner & CEO
Well I'm investigating the cost difference between renting game servers from the "regular" hosting companies vs the cost of just getting a dedicated server and setting everything up myself, so the bandwidth constraints aren't really an issue. I'm not running the server from my basement Toungue
What basement servers are the BEST ;D
And I take it I'm right to assume that such a server would be able to run a webserver (low traffic forums, hlstats, sourcebans, maybe other stuff) on top of the two game servers with ease?

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