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My server hates me / don´t want to start [Screenshot inside]

I am from germany and my english is very bad, i hope you can understand me.

My server stops "booting" at the point you can see in the screenshot.
The firewall is deactivated, i use it only as monitor. It shows that the server dont trys to connect anything!

When i start the server with GUI, it works and is shown in the steam internet list, but it points out that steam could not be connected. (again: but i works). i just want to run it at the console and not with gui.

but the console stops the starting-up process like in the screenshot.

please help me.

i have windows XP SP1 and a athlon XP 3,2 with 1 GB ram.

(because the GUI server works, i think the ports should be opened and working in booth direktions with every protocoll)
yesterday evening the server worked without the "connection to steam could not be established"-message. now it works with it. i don´t know why. :-(

thanks for answears and:
no links to other FAQs and threads, i know them all.

[Image: SCRDS_1.jpg]
What is your launch commandline? It might be something related to that.
yes, you are right - i added a map to the command-line, and now it works. but there are also many, many errors (but it works).

D:\hl2mp\srcds.exe -console -game hl2mp -autoupdate +mp_teamplay 1 +maxplayers 8 +map dm_overwatch

before i didn´t add the "+map dm_overwatch" now it works.

the other errors are normal Gaming Servers
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