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Problems With Port Forwarding
Hi Everyone,

I've read some of the threads already written about this but none of them help me. I'm running a dedicated Counter-Strike Source server using srcds. My router is Actiontec MI424WR and I followed the instructions from My IP address is and my external is I've set up my router to open the ports:

TCP 27020-27050
UDP 1200
UDP 2700-27015
TCP 27015
UDP 27020

I read on a few sites that these are the right ports to open, I'm not exactly sure though. I tried changing the server ip in the scds properties to the external and internal ports and changed around my portforwarding configuration like ten times. I really don't know what to do next.

On my other computer connected to the same router that I am running the server on it works great but no one else can join. Can anyone help?
take a screenshot of your port fwding and post it


(Click the images for bigger view)
I really hope someone can help me out, this is driving me insane.

Also I'll add in a picture of my ipconfig, static ip, and my external ip just for good measure
Don't do source = any and destination = 27000-27050. or like source = 27000-27050 and destination = any , do both the same like source is 27000-27015 is source, and the destination (my english sucks..) also 27000-27015

Do it also with the other ports. Hope that works!
I tried that and still when my buddies try to join the server it says "Server Not Responding"
Rhombus Wrote:I tried that and still when my buddies try to join the server it says "Server Not Responding"

Hey .. Run your server from the same data as you play on?
If you do this, open up port 27016. And running the server on that port. Original uses the port 27015. And it is the same port that you use to play on! It does not work then!
OR, you can just give your friends your external IP (it worked for me Big Grin).
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