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Server not showing up in global list: Connection works fine
I just leased a dedciated server for about $199... I set up hlds on it, and I can connect to it fine if I throw it in my favorites.... However, when I filter for it (i use a custom map that most servers don't use) it never shows up... How do I make it show up faster on the server list? How do these other servers do it so fast? They seem to be the same servers popping up almost immediately.... My server has a pretty low latency: 20... I just need it to show up faster on the list, I'm assuming thats why people arn't joining it because it shows up rarely/doesn't show up at all on the master list. Thanks.
Make sure your firewall isn't blocking it, and make sure you run the server with the -ip -port arguments.

Allowing as server to show up takes time. Its not instant. So patience is a virtue.
I can't make my server show up either and I gave my server like 30 minutes to show up. Then I checked it every 30 mins after that. So I need to run it with -ip and -port arguments? Which ip needs to follow -ip and the port is whatever shows up on your server DOS?

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