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Disconnect Users on map download?
Ok, ive just encountered this problem for the first time. Ive never had this before. When i put on a custom map no one has, no matter the size, all users, except those who have it, get disconnected. sv_allowdownload is set to 1. Ive never had this issue no matter how many diff customs i had, nor the size of them. I dont understand why no one can download a map off the server. Im able to do it off of other peoples servers, just not my own. Any ideas? Also, the error the user recieves is the missing map error.
Make a RES file that has the .map file included?
are you using sv_downloadurl? is the map in the download url directory?

are there additional materials for the map? if so, do you have a .res file for each of those maps?

check your $/cstrike/Downloads directory and make sure theres a download list file for that map. the server usually creates those by itself, but crap happens.

I think theres something else your supposed to check, but my brain is kinda fried from studying for finals atm
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