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Help needed with srcds (Garrysmod server)
Hi all.

I have also posted this error first on Dutch Support forum. Now i'm also here maybe some one here could help me with this.

I'm hosting an Dedicated garrysmod server on Windows Vista ( Ultimate). Now after doing all things i did like, portforwarding turning off my firewall. I always get i need to manual heartbeat to let players join and show my server on the masterserverlist, Even in my favorites if i add it it disapears in like 1/2 minutes after startup / heartbeat. Now i'm getting sick of this problem. I have made like 3 other servers for 3 other people all are working 2 of them have dmz ( i can't here.. ) I have forwarded my ports to 27000 - 27015 and 27020-27050 UDP/TCP. Now i have doing the manual heartbeat for over an month when i wanted to play
some others did join some friends of mine also but i needed to do heartbeat before some 1 could join.

This could be a bit confusing just ask if you need more details like my pc or network or router whatever there is need to fix this problem Cool

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