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Need tf2 server ideas
I have one popular vanilla server, one semi-popular vanilla one, and 3 fail custom tf2 servers.

I might need some help coming up with some ideas to have a custom server, and have it be fun.

I've tried fast spawn, 32 slot, custom map, L. Duke's tf2 nade plugin, none really have caught on.

If you have a successful fun/custom server, and you're willing to share how its set up, please post
Well, if you want to spice up your could google some mods, plugins...etc.

You can use eventscripts, sourcemod...etc.
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yeah, just none of them seem appealing to me, or seem cheesy and/or gimmicky.
One good idea would be to allow only players who've got enough achievements. I'm not sure how to make this, but then all players would be experienced on the server. There wouldn't be noobs pushing the cart to the opposing way or capturing the point for enemy.

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