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Able to swap between serure/insecure w/o reboot?
I'm currently running an insecure passworded server (because of all the KIDS that like to come in and hack/cheat). I'm looking to make it secure so I can remove the password WITHOUT having to reboot SRCDS.

I hate having to reboot SRCDS because then the map cycle gets all screwed up (we start from the beginning, not the last played map) and I have to go in and manually edit it. This wouldn't be a problem, but I'm rotating over 130 different maps. That and the people in my clan don't appreciate getting their scores wiped in a map they haven't rotated out of yet.

I can remove the password from the server without rebooting, but then the lovely kids that sit in mommy's basement with nothing better to do come running out of the woodwork, and hack my server until it crashes. I can IP & steam ID ban them, but more always come back. I'd really like to make the server secure, but rather not reboot it unless I ABSOLUTELY have to.

Is this possible?
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You have to re-start the server to change from insecure to secure.
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