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Bandwidth usage
I have look around at host and they have bandwidth limits for 1000gb or w/e.
How much do i need for like 100 slot of css and dods 100 tick?
20KB/s per player, you can work it out from there Smile
so i got 5000gb at the very most
Thats way more than enough, if you have a 24/7 server with 100 users on always .... that is only around maximum 200GB/month that includes random map downloads etc.

For a dedicated server, you can run around 4-6 servers depending on the specs.
100 tick = 20kB/s per player
66 tick = 15kB/s per player

Extremely popular servers are usually 80% of the day full.

You said 100 players, so let's do the math:

<100 tick server> * <100 slots> * <80%> * <month in seconds> =
20 * 100 * 0.8 * 3600*24*30 = 4 147 200 000 kB ~ 4 TB

Most likely your servers will be around ~20% full, which means ~1 TB is enough. You can shut down one of the servers if it seems you're going over the limits. If you are about to host match servers, then you don't have to worry about network traffic because those servers are used about 1% of the day.

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