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Dedcaited Server Specs
Ok, heres the setup...

648mb SD-RAM PC-133
40GB Harddrive 5400rpm ( I think or its 7200rpm )
Fedora Core 3.0 Kernel 2.6

Upload: 760

Not running the srcds in root!
Server has 600 upload forwarded by QoS in my router
Port Priorty is set to high. the eth0 in my server,on the QoS on the router is set to low priorty

My Firewall for linux is setup, and set on high.

My qusetion is, how good is this server? like good for 12 or 16 players?
Where they all can have good pings like in the 40 or 50 range?

looks like your limiting factor will be your upload speed. you might be able to have 12-14 players on your server, but I don't think you'll be able to host much bots, and you may still experience periods of lag on certain maps.
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Well i dont care for bots, but I will change the upload to 700. what kind of change will that make?
well changing it to 700 from 760 is actually degrading your server.
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[Ph34r Wrote:Blackhawk]
Upload: 760

Server has 600 upload forwarded by QoS in my router

Why don't you 'forward' the whole 760?
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Want to know which ports to forward on your router for a Source DS? Click here!
Good idea, i should forward all of it ! lol
Basically for internet connections (bits/second):

128K uplink = 4 players (2 players for srcds)
256k uplink = 7 players (4 players for srcds)
320k uplink = 9 players (6 players for srcds)
512k uplink = 14 players (9 players for srcds)
768k uplink = 21 players (14 players for srcds)
1024k uplink = 28 player (19 players for srcds - note 16 players is max for HL2DM)
1140k uplink = 32 players (max for HLDS) (21 players for CS:S)
1708k uplink = 32 players for CS:S (max)

Proc speed may be your limiting factor. We have a P3 1 Gig proc in one server running HLDS (DOD). We can run 20 players fine. Once we go to 22 the server really lags. Here is a quick peak at our top output at 19/20 players

-10 260M 260M 5976 R < 98.0 14.7

Your proc will be hit hard and you'll use at least 151 MB RAM. If you run bots you'll crush you server. Install more RAM if you're going to try running source.

Hope this helps.

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