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Win2k3 Web Edition and SRCDS support
I want to order a dedicated server from this host so I can run 30 slot garrysmod server but they only have this Windows Server 2003 Web Enhanced Edition available.

I want to know if I can run a garrysmod server with this OS.

I don't quite understand the limitations with this version of windows server, that's why I am asking this here.
I have never used web edition or looked into the limits on web edition but I am sure you will be able too.
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I would assume it doesn't have network stuff. As long as you can RDP the box, you should be fine.
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Yes you can use that version of windows. . . you can use any version of server edition to run srcds. . . i use a wide variety. . . from datacenter edition, web edition, standard, corporate, etc
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Thanks for the response, I'll probably order it today. I just wanted to be sure before I waste $80.
Luminous Wrote:Thanks for the response, I'll probably order it today. I just wanted to be sure before I waste $80.

Just know that things like AVG free and other free AV/Firewalls dont typically work on server OSs. They expect that if you have the cash for a server-edition OS, you can probably afford business-class malware protection.

Keep that in mind!

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