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"Couldn't allocate any server ip port"

I have a TF2 Dedicated server running and I would like to join it to administrate it.

But everytime I try to join via internal ip or external ip, it crashes with the message

TF2 Wrote:Couldn't allocate any server ip port

The server is on the same machine as I am trying to play on.

The launching parameters are:

-console -game tf +map ctf_2fort +sv_lan 0 +heartbeat

I have put that in the launch options of the "Team Fortress 2 Dedicated Server" tool, so I don't have to download everything for it, is this related to my problem?

Thank you for any help,

I Get the same Problem just its on Gmod.
I Wanna know how to fix this also Sad
1) Don't play and host on the same computer.
2) Don't use the Steam Dedicated Server. It has known problems/issues/suckyness.
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