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sds problem keep loosing my net connection
this is the first sds i have made it's hl2 using rp mod and map rp_c18, i have it all set up and people can join the game but everynow and again my internet connection just drops, and i have to reset my modem befor i can recconect to net. never had this problem befor i have a good isp normally. ive also been getting this message as well
maps/RP_C18_V1.bsp' size exceeds net_maxfilesize limit (16 MB).

but not sure if it has anything to do with loosing my connection.
thx in advnce guys.
Set your CVAR net_maxfilesize to 64, to fix the "maps/RP_C18_V1.bsp' size exceeds net_maxfilesize limit (16 MB)." problem.
k thx any idea on the connection problem it just cutss off
its not a normal loss of internet connection it crashes ans i have to reset befor i can recconnect if that helps? cheers.
problem fixed Big Grin thx
glad i could help

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